Hoi4 german manpower

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Joined: Sep 18, Messages: 1, Likes Received: Germany was a country of roughly million men in the late s. Their armed forces had around 20 million men total throughout the war, including around 10 million men in at a single time. They put together over 3 million men in the Army just for Barbarossa while maintaining occupational forces in Western Europe and the action in North Africa, and having a separate Air Force and Navy, Albeit tiny.

Where did they get all the manpower for that population? Were there ethnic Germans taken from other nations such as Austria, Czechoslovakia, and the satellites in Eastern and Central Europe? Were many of their men not of military age or not as military fit or acceptable as the standards in the West? Also, did they force a lot of conscription of non-Germans in occupied areas? At America's highest point they had 12 million men 8 million in the Army, 4 million divided between the other branches in the whole military establishment, but they also kept around 10 million men out for manufacturing and had stricter entry standards.

GunSlinger86May 10, This site might answer some of your questions. WW2 Germany Statistics and Numbers. LRussoMay 10, JCM and A like this. Joined: Aug 7, Messages: 1, Likes Received: RichTO90May 10, Joined: Aug 9, Messages: 1, Likes Received: They used all of those sources and then some.

Some of the ethnic Germans or half-Germans from places such as Alsace-Lorraine and Poland were less-than-committed to the Nazi cause.

Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands List

In the second half of the war conscription was used in all areas of the Third Reich. Even the Waffen-SS used conscription later on. The one thing that kept the German forces going was the large-scale use of foreign mostly slave labor which freed up lots of young Germans for military service. Here are some other German innovations: The pooling of men with medical problems that normally would keep them out of service but when pooled together the Germans could treat their conditions together, i.

As the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine became smaller many of the younger men were transferred to the Heer. They fielded some "Luftwaffe Field Divisions" but these were mostly failures because while the men were excellent material, none of the officers or E. They also used older men and Hitler Jugend in Volksturm units.

hoi4 german manpower

Joined: May 9, Messages: 10 Likes Received: 1. A large portion of Poland was annexed by Germany. The Volksdeutsch inside were subject to the draft. A lot of Poles and Slavs were also drafted. Volksdeutsche were found in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and in former Yugoslavia regions. There were at least two Slavic ethnic groups in Eastern Germany besides the Poles. They were drafted just like they were Germans.Poland is one of the major countries in Hearts of Iron.

It is available for play in several scenarios and battles. Poland is a major country in the scenario, the only scenario to allow a significant period of peace for the player to prepare their nation for war.

Poland begins with a modest economy, but a sizable army. The Polish Army in was fairly large. At the time, it was equivalent in numbers to many of the major military forces in the world, and was greater than that of their primary threat: Germany.

However, the army was almost entirely composed of infantry divisionsand attached brigades were sparse. Wladyslaw Sikorski was a major military and political leader in Poland during the war years. Top corps commanders are Lieutenant Generals Sikorski and Sosnkowskiboth skill level 2.

The Air Force is small in quantity, especially considering the existing threats Poland faces. The force is based in Warsaw, where a level 6 airbase exists. All are skill level 1 and the only one with any notable trait is Heller, who is a Tank Buster. The tiny Polish Navy has only two flotillas at the level 8 naval base in Poland's only coastal provinceDanzig.

Poland's economy will only support two tech teams simultaneously, requiring Poland to plan carefully to complete important research. All of Poland's resources are stockpiled in Warsawthe country's capital. Poland begins with the military in need of several upgrades and reinforcements to bring it up to date and strength. Total upgrade needs are over IC while reinforcements require more than 40 for full rate.

Poland begins as a Paternal Autocrat form of dictatorship. While it is more democratic than authoritarian, it is so completely right wing that it does not qualify as a Democracy. Poland begins with no belligerence or dissent. Poland's mix of slider positions makes it more difficult to have a cohesive strategy based on them. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.Forums New posts New threadmarks Search forums. Tickets Open new ticket Watched.

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hoi4 german manpower

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Hi and welcome to my first ever Let's Play. I mean Pacific States of America. Since I have never done a LP before please have a little patience and understanding with the roughness. First off here is a reference for all the national focus branches.

My first update will be tomorrow since I'll have all day to post stuff but updates will proably be slow given my medical problems and newness to LPs. Now how about we get to the decisions for most of USA.The project continues to progress, as usual. So far, portraits for most American, British, and French leaders have been completed, and the Communist Italian and German trees have been properly set up and icon-ified, now just needing localizations and effect scripting.

Both the British and French trees have been finished, leaving only the trees of less important nations like Poland, China, and Japan which will probably be drawn up at a later time. The British and French trees are rather similar, due to them being in similar positions at this time in history. Both have focuses to choose what flavor of capitalism they want to follow laissez-faire, social-democracy, or somewhere in between and whether to build up their empire industrially or instead take infrastructure and manpower bonuses.

England furthermore has focuses to industrially develop the metropole and to grant research bonuses to military techs, while France has a more complicated political tree including some focuses relating to policies towards industrialization, the church, and radical politics.

France also has the opportunity to go fascist, as it almost did in the early s, which leads to focuses to build up fascist control in the country, join the Axis or create a new faction, and claims on many places annexed by France during the Napoleonic Wars. Fortunately, since many of the focuses are used across multiple trees, each successive tree is done faster than the last.

Hearts of Iron 4 Guide: Taking Puppet Manpower

However, I have also decided that, as the mod gets closer to completion, the possibility of someone plagiarizing this mod or otherwise undercutting the work done so far will increase dramatically. You can, of course, still follow the progress of the mod on this site, which I will attempt to update more regularly.

However, the American tree is now complete, lowering the number of unplanned trees by one more. Similar to other presidential republics, the United States receives a presidential election event every four years, where the player will have the opportunity to choose between a Democratic center-left or Republican center-right government.

For now, the only thing set in stone is that having Democratic governments during times of hardship such as the Great Depression will push people to the right, into Fascist organizations, and having Republican governments will push people the left, into Communist organizations.

Should Communist popularity get too high, this event can hit in the s, triggering a civil war in the United States between pro-Communist forces in the Far West, New England, and parts of the Midwest, and pro-capitalist forces in the rest of the country.

hoi4 german manpower

Should Fascist popularity get too high, this event can also be triggered. The capitalist, communist, and fascist USAs are all different tags with their own focus trees, which are laid out such:. The player has three choices to make: how to handle foreign policy, how to handle economic policy, and how to further develop the military. They may choose to be isolationist, facilitating further industrial development and leading to the ability to create their own faction, or to be more interventionist, leading to the ability to export American influence overseas by force and to join the Allies.

The economic choices the player makes are a bit less consequential for how the American player acts, as they simply change how soon the Depression hits and what the public response is to it.

Finally, the player must choose between focusing on the Army, Navy, Air Force, or scientific research. The player may choose to take a more authoritarian or libertarian approach to securing socialism in the country, potentially aligning it with either Soviet Russia or Spartacist Germany, depending on how European history played out in the late s. The player may also choose between establishing a planned economy to develop industry or taking a more conservative path and sticking with state-capitalism temporarily, and between spreading Communism to the larger American nations before taking out the smaller but more numerous capitalist nations on the continent or spreading Communism to the smaller nations before launching joint invasions on the larger but fewer capitalist nations.

Communist America also gets the same military branch that Capitalist America gets. The first two branches of this tree, political and economic, focus mostly on the consolidation of control in the country, leaving relatively few choices to be made though that may change in the future. The real choices that Fascist America must make is in the military branch that it shares with the two other American tags, as well as in the expansion tree.

Historically, the United States has always been looking to expand its borders further and further. In real life, we managed to push our borders as far west as possible, but never really extended them north or south. The player will be able to make that choice for themselves, gaining claims either on the north or the south depending on which sub-branch they pick.

Hopefully, this will speed up the scripting of focus trees significantly while not watering down the quality of the trees in the process.

After an absolutely crazy November, the Italian focus tree has finally been completed! I have not been working on this project at all over the past few days, largely thanks to the American presidential election and its aftermath.

Things are pretty crazy over here, but once everything returns to normal, progress will continue as before. Since the last update, however, I did finish the extraneous tree I was wanting to add and began adding focus effects.

All that needs to be done now is finish coding those before moving onto the next tree. I realize now though that each tree is going to take a long time and progress will be slow.

Thanks for all your patience! Progress on the Italian tree is continuing slowly. Localization has almost been finished, and after that, all that remains is scripting the effects of each focus. Then, I hope to give an update on the completed tree and begin work on another. Skip to content The project continues to progress, as usual.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I was casually playing the German Empire to get the "have an carrabiean island" achievement.

I do the focuses to reform Austria-Hungary and I start the path to shoot Mussolini, but this idiot forms the Pact of Rome with Austria and Hungary and goes to war with the allies. Czechoslovakia joins the Allies. When Victor Emmanuel seizes power, I join the war and crush Czechoslovakia, which already to finished the PoR and made them democratic. Italy kills France.

I naval-invade England from Denmark. While I finish off the Brits, Austria-Hungary reforms and Half of the world gets an annex wargoal on A-H from nowhere.

Raj became a major country and I get soviet military access they do not want mine because they have "strategic reasons to be hostile towards me" and declare on Afghanistan. My plan worked, they join the Allies, and now I can attack from soviet territory. I finally destroy India, and here is the peace conference. Italy takes Africa, and I take the rest.

A few puppets, some land for me. I release Austria-Hungary as a puppet, because why not. One day after the conference, Soviets declare war on Austria-Hungary basically on me. My exhausted forces rush for the soviet borders.

I can defeat them with Japanese help, I think. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. This is just, hilarious.After my previous Czechoslovakia approach, I went back to Poland, with the goal to survive with no loss of territory without going Fascist or Communist. Could be Allies or not, as it would make historically sense, I had no strong opinion about it. I know and thank general Charles de Gaulle for his smart handling of the issue, managing to make of his alternate France libre, in the end, to be recognized as the real France, on the Allied side.

I am not saying it was wrong to do so, certainly not. But no one can comprehend how come Poland, allied country from day 1, after 5 peace conference, completely lost independance.

Yalta whatever. The topic is not how and why it went down in matter of geopolitics. Allies did not want to go to war another time, sure. Fact is Allies accepting to submit Poland to USSR is somehow being accomplice of Katyn massacre -that USSR tried to tie to nazis at Nuremberg- or to Red Army strategy during Warsaw Uprising -on purpose, waiting from a safe distance to let nazis stop retreat and deal with the insurgents, until they are all exterminated, allowing mass executions.

It is the past so there is nothing to do about it. It is surely pointless to incriminate Allies now; they did what the they felt best for their own interest and probably felt sorry for all the countries dropped to USSR. But from Poland perspective, one of the only country that fought nazis since day one obviously partly due to the fact that it was plain that Nazi would destroy Poland and there was nothing to negociate it can be said that Allies proved to be unreliable friends, even if it is true that Nazi germany required both Allies and USSR to be defeated.

Loose Gdansk means no sea front. The starting president of Poland will stick as long as I do not change main political power. As soon as julyGermany failed to annex diplomatically Austria and went to war against it. Austria was soon defeated but Hungary joined on his side.

Poland (HoI4)

Winning easily and confident, Germany tried to grab territory from Czechoslovakia. But this one resisted too and Germany, alone, was involved in a second war against Czechoslovakia and France. Germany seemed to be doing ok. Being that early, Germany had not much manpower or units by comparison to Poland and Hungary united. Things developed very fast. My troops, joined by the whole faction Baltic states and also Romania that just got in cut through german forces easily.

Hungary got back territory to the South. Germany crumbled and some Democratic germany riot started. September 1stPolish troops marched in Berlin:. So peace it was…? No clue, there was no peace conference I was invited, even though Polish troops were instrumental in the victory. All territory was given to this newly born democratic Germany. More work from Paradox: no matter the logic behind, someone that makes a country capitulating should be at the peace conference.

Moreover, someone that has troops all over a country would not remove them without any talks.Find below an updated list of all Hearts of Iron IV console commandsthese are commonly referred to as cheat codes. Type the name of a command into the search bar to instantly search our database of HOI4 commands for the most recent version of the game on Steam PC. Hover over a command in the table to view detailed argument-related help. Click on the name of a command to visit its command page, on which you can find more help including examples.

For more help using the console and cheat commands, see our basics guide. Tooltip debug mode shows information such as IDs for provinces, states, etc when you hover over them on the map. It is recommended you enable this as it is very helpful when using console commands. You can do this with the tdebug console command. This command will add stability max. You can remove stability by specifying a negative number.

This command will add war support max. Specify a negative number to remove war support. This command removes restrictions on general trait assignment. Executing this command will allow you to freely assign general traits to commanders, etc.

This command can be used to add a specified amount of any equipment other than naval equipment. You can remove equipment by specifying a negative amount. This command instantly makes 'white peace' things return to the way exactly they were before a war started between the specified countries specified by their country tag. This command can be used to either activate the teleportation tool if no arguments providedor instantly teleport any selected ships or armies to the province with the specified ID.

This command allows for the use of any diplomatic action e. After executing this command, nuking in any province is permitted, regardless of conditions.

This command enables or disables toggles the instant construction cheat, making all construction happen instantly no longer queues up. This command will start the specified event in the specified country. This command can be used to research all equipment, or equipment in a specific technology slot.

German manpower

This command will instantly research any technology when its icon is clicked in the technology tree. This command is also known as the 'instant research' cheat. This command starts an annex with the specified country tag an annex claims their territory for your country.

This command will give your country the maximum war score for all wars it is currently engaged in. This command adds the specific amount of man power to your country. This command adds an opinion from the specified country tag to another country. This command switches your country to the specified country. This command enters you into 'observe' mode, in which you are set to play no country at all - meaning the entire game plays on auto-pilot. Messages do not show, and the game is not automatically paused.

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