Odoo 12 backend

Use the live chat to ask your questions. The operator answers within a few minutes. Apps purchases are linked to your Odoo account, please sign in or sign up first. Backend themes might not work with Odoo Enterprise Edition. Please read the description carefully and, in doubt, ask the author before buying. Description License. This Theme is compatible with Enterprise Odoo.

Allure Easy User Interface with more flexibility to user to user. Along with this we had focused on Odoo ERP users, we provided flexibility to choose different operational functions from user to user.

For eg. Like sales user might be regularly using CRM, Sales, invoice, messages etc so he can pick and drop actively using apps icons on favourite bar so on single click he can jump from one app to other app.

This saves lot of time. With this theme the flexibility is extended from User to user. We have added a new functionality toggle full width view, which maximizes screen area for better user experience. We had elevated the user work area, user experience with providing flexibility to the user to reducing clicks like for switching from one app to other app with 'Favourite bar' menu. Further more provided flexibility to User to users by choosing different theme colours, fonts, apps icons, favourite apps on it's bar, a night mode, Display density for list view and many more.

List view with Display density with 3 options is implemented in this theme for all modules. It becomes more relaxing for the user to operate. But in Allure backend theme a chatter button is provided, as the user clicks on it, the chatter window slides-in from right side. The user can chat with the concern person and simultaneously fill-in the data in the form.

Record Data To Backend Models From Website Form - Without Code

In standard Odoo the user cannot use both the functionality at the same time. With full screan facility, the user area is wide with bigger form input area, view area, reporting area, clean dashboard with inner pages for all ERP users.

It makes you feel as if, you or your client is using independent ERP system. Desktop Menu. The desktop of the ERP system has been designed for better user interface. The main menu icons are placed on the desktop layout of ERP system. The user can have a visual glance of the available modules and it becomes easier to access any menu with a single click. Fuzzy Search. Adding to the features of the desktop menu, fuzzy search option is provided on the top of menu icons.

The user can jump into the menu, sub menu and get into the depth of the tree view, directly without accessing into it. The user needs to type in the key alphabets and the desired list will show. Allure backend theme has flexible options to switch from horizontal to vertical and from vertical to horizontal menu options. Depending on the user convenience and with simple configuration the main menu and the sub menus can be switched from vertical left bar default to horizontal top bar.

It can be used in combination of favorite menu, for e. So when the main menu icon is selected from favorite bar, simultaneously sub menu options can be accessed which reduces number of clicks to access the sub menu. Favourite bar. At times there are users who frequently access common menus, so the favorite bar can be configured user wise, for e. User can change the sequence of menus on Favourite Bar. List view Display density. A unique feature is added in Allure backend theme, the list view can be changed with available options; default, comfortable and compact.This tutorial requires having installed Odoo.

Business logic and extension is generally performed on the server side, although supporting client features e. In order to start the server, simply invoke the command odoo-bin in the shell, adding the full path to the file if necessary:. The server is stopped by hitting Ctrl-C twice from the terminal, or by killing the corresponding OS process.

Both server and client extensions are packaged as modules which are optionally loaded in a database. Each module is a directory within a module directory. Module directories are specified by using the --addons-path option. An Odoo module is declared by its manifest. See the manifest documentation about it. For instance, if the module has a single mymodule. Odoo provides a mechanism to help set up a new module, odoo-bin has a subcommand scaffold to create an empty module:.

The command creates a subdirectory for your module, and automatically creates a bunch of standard files for a module.

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Most of them simply contain commented code or XML. The usage of most of those files will be explained along this tutorial. A key component of Odoo is the ORM layer. This layer avoids having to write most SQL by hand and provides extensibility and security services 2.

Business objects are declared as Python classes extending Model which integrates them into the automated persistence system. Models can be configured by setting a number of attributes at their definition. Here is a minimally complete definition of a model:.

Fields are used to define what the model can store and where. Fields are defined as attributes on the model class:. Much like the model itself, its fields can be configured, by passing configuration attributes as parameters:.

Example of simple fields are BooleanDateChar. Odoo creates a few fields in all models 1. They can be read if useful or necessary:. By default, Odoo also requires a name field on all models for various display and search behaviors.

Define a new data model Course in the openacademy module. A course has a title and a description. Courses must have a title. Odoo is a highly data driven system. Data files have to be declared in the manifest file to be loaded, they can be declared in the 'data' list always loaded or in the 'demo' list only loaded in demonstration mode. After making some changes, do not forget to use odoo-bin -u openacademy to save the changes to your database.

Actions and menus are regular records in database, usually declared through data files. Actions can be triggered in three ways:.In mobile mode, when tree view move right all page moved. In original odoo move only table body elements and it's right.

Please fix it. To contact us or report problems, write us an email to: juventudproductivavenezolana gmail. Use the live chat to ask your questions. The operator answers within a few minutes.

Apps purchases are linked to your Odoo account, please sign in or sign up first. Backend themes might not work with Odoo Enterprise Edition. Please read the description carefully and, in doubt, ask the author before buying.

Included Dependencies Show Web Responsive. Enterprise Backend Theme Juventud Productiva. Enterprise Backend Theme This theme changes the view of the Odoo backend, occupying the colors and background of Odoo Edition Enterprise. One need, one app. Features Add menu apps icon.

odoo 12 backend

Responsive theme. Based in Odoo Edition Enterprise. Screenshots Munu apps icon. Our Services. Email us Contact Us Request Customization. Please log in to comment on this module The author can leave a single reply to each comment.Odoo Shoppe Backend Theme as its name suggests is one of the finest Odoo backend themes launched since version8. It has variety of features like menu style, custom theme colors, night mode, support for RTL and many more.

Changing the font style can be a great fun by being able to easily achieve it. Just choose the font style needed and the same will be reflected across the theme. The tabs as present in Odoo can be viewed in two different ways using this theme: The way they are as default Horizontally. Stackedup on one another vertically. This gives the user choice to arrange custom fields differently and the view can be changed according to user preferences.

Use the live chat to ask your questions. The operator answers within a few minutes. Apps purchases are linked to your Odoo account, please sign in or sign up first. Backend themes might not work with Odoo Enterprise Edition. Please read the description carefully and, in doubt, ask the author before buying. Description License. Odoo Shoppe Backend Theme. Supported Editions Community. Upcoming Features Icon bundle. Time and custom message in the header.

Support for enterprise. Fuzzy search. New menu style. You can create your own theme Style which will comprise of the following: Body color, Header color, Color of sidebar, Color of submenu, Color on Menu Hover, Primary color, Label color and Color of notification. All these color combinations will make a set called Theme Style. You can create new styles, edit the existing syles or delete the one you don't need.

Create New Theme. Edit Theme Style. Remove Theme Style. Menu Style The theme has 3 menu Styles to give different look and feel and adjustable according to the users choice. Top menu bar:- It comes with an enterprise menu view with a launcher and app icons spread over to the full width. Sidebar collapsed view:- This many style has icon view which has hovering effects. Once hovered it shows the menu's and submenus. Sidebar Expanded:- It brings the menu in the sidebar inalready expanded mode.This will contain 2 files which you need to add into your addon directory.

odoo 12 backend

You need to copy the 2 files into that directory. The configuration file by default does not include this directly so you need to add it. Once I fixed the permissions I was unable to get the icons for the menu to show up. The files were not created in the filestore and no quantity of restarts or reinstalls would resolve the issue. Ultimate I stopped the service, added the update all flag to the service, and restarted the service.

Update all took a few minutes to complete. Then I removed the update all command and restarted the service. Thank you for the app. Just installed it. Much easier to navigate than standard CE interface. One issue came up: Selecting CRM in the left hand side bar does not seem to work correctly.

Sounds like the perfect how-to then. Flawless victory. I have a test site. How can I do it? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am new to Odoo.

Can anyone tell how to install it. Themes are like any module, you just have to install it. This is from the module documentation that you linked. I don't know what backend theme you've downloaded but usually, you have to paste the theme folder into your addons folder then go to ODOO settings, activate developer mode, go to apps and click on update apps list and then search for your theme and then install it. Learn more. How to install a downloaded backend theme in Odoo 11 Ask Question.

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Dark Mode Beta - help us root out low-contrast and un-converted bits.I agree to terms of use. Dynamic dashboards with UX inspired by Google Analytics. Dashboards can include any graph, cohort, or KPIs.

Support of recurring activities, email templates, a new view to check all activities at a glance. Include today's meeting. The system learns data mapping to auto-detect columns, detects data formatting dates, floats.

Massive speed improvements. Press alt to highlight shortcuts and navigate entirely with the keyboard in forms, list and kanban views. Ease filtering on dates today, last week, this quarter A user is either a portal user, either a public user or an employee to access to the system.

Technical training - Backend Development

Avoid error and access issues. In kanban views, the quick create has been improved to display more fields in the card. New interface with filters on forlders or tags, documents in kanban and action manager on the right. Use activities request a document to an other person, it will create an activity for this person.

Split a group of documents to avoid scan it one by one.

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Or split a document to request a signature on the main document, without annexes. Using the Barcode App allows you to process your pickings much faster, increasing the productivity of your workers. Scan directly lot or serial numbers, scan operation types to create new pickings from scratch and take from or deliver to specific location in your warehouse.

The User Interface UI has been completely reviewed to facilitate the work of the employee in the warehouse. He clearly sees what he is doing and what he has to do.

odoo 12 backend

Odoo integrates the IoT technology to your business flows. We don't add extra steps to your work. New dashboard view giving an overview of your inventory management. Gives average cycle times and delays and information about value coming in and out of the stock. If the PO has been triggered by a reordering rule, show that reordering rule as source document on the PO even in case of multi-steps receipt. Add more information on journal items created through a change of the cost of the product. Clearer description of journal items.

Improvement on the batch picking pdf to regroup the products to pick per locations. Improvements to the delivery slip, traceability, the picking operations, and the production order PDF reports to fit business. Representation of the routes that apply to the product, to ease the configuration and debugging of push and pull rules.

Display the date at which the transfer has been processed on done transfers.

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