Xiegu g90 battery

The display unit can be separated from the radio unit for flexible installation options. The SDR structure is based on bit data size at 48kHz sampling rate providing excellent transmit and receive performance and the G90 is highly configurable for a rich user experience.

The Xiegu CE makes it easy to connect a PC or other data terminals, modems etc for digital mode operation. It also allows for simple and safe connection of a XPA or other linear amplifier. GZF-1 combined desk stand and cooling bracket for the Xiegu G90 transceiver.

xiegu g90 battery

Its fan help improve cooling protecting your G90 when working high duty cycle operation like digital modes. It has a built in automatic antenna tuner, automatic protection circuits and a big and bright display for monitoring the amplifier status. Share this: Facebook Twitter. Description The SDR structure is based on bit data size at 48kHz sampling rate providing excellent transmit and receive performance and the G90 is highly configurable for a rich user experience.

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xiegu g90 battery

Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months. I bought the Xiegu G90 secondhand through FB having toiled with the idea of owning one for a while. I wasn't disappointed with what I have bought. Petite but full of functions this little radio is so easy to use. The SWR checker is amazing too - this enables you to connect an antenna and sweep the band to see it's resonant sweet-spot I think so I'm a new General and the G90 was my choice of first HF radio.

The G90 has been a blast! I love the SDR features and find the radio is easy to operate and tweak. I'm looking forward to the optional accessories that Xiegu has in the pipeline for this transceiver.

Puts out 20 watts, enough to check into 75 meter nets statewide. The only thing that it doesn't have is noise reduction DSP, however, if you turn off the AGC, the noise drops considerably without affecting the signal, obviously you wouldn't leave it off all the time.

Now unlike the Recent It came with the latest firmware, the didn't and problems upgrading the firmware on the abound.The following review of the Xiegu G90 originally appeared in the August issue of The Spectrum Monitor magazine :. My coming of age in the world of radio was during the era of big US and Japanese radio manufacturers. And, I freely confess, I developed a partiality for their products. So when incredibly inexpensive transceivers from manufacturers in China started showing up on the market a little over a decade ago, I was…well, skeptical.

Many of these radios were a fraction of the cost we had been paying, and some models looked like direct copies of radios that were already on the market…but these copies were all-too-often second-rate either in features or performance.

Thus, as it was my policy to invest in quality products, I continued to put my money toward US, Japanese, and European legacy manufacturers that I felt would be here for the long haul in the amateur radio and SWL communities. Had I become a bit of a radio snob?

I admit it…maybe I had. But in truth, I was simply waiting for a quality Chinese-made radio to come along and change my viewpoint. I found myself intrigued with one in particular: the G At time of publication, there are three Xiegu models widely available: the G1MXand the G But I found this receiver has other impressive features:. Certainly not a deal-breaker by any means, since more often than not I use an external LiFePo battery for field-portable radio work.

I made up my mind to bite the bullet and purchase the G I tend to review ham radio transceivers around the time they hit the market. And if the manufacturer is fairly new to me——? The G90, however, had been on the market for quite a few months, so I simply avoided reading any in-depth reviews so I could form my own opinions. With that said, I knew in advance that this radio is already well-loved by a very active and enthusiastic community of amateur radio operators.

So I had only to make up my mind, myself.

Xiegu G90 HF 20W SDR Transceiver

I got to work. When I first removed the G90 from its box, I was struck by its weight, build quality, and size. The Xiegu site notes that the weight of the radio is about 2.Although this Chinese manufacturer has been around for a few years, this was my first purchase of a Xiegu product. Recently, however, North Carolina has been opening state parks and allowing visitor access to hiking trails and picnic areas, but keeping all facilities stores, cafes, visitor centers, and restrooms closed to the public.

Yesterday, our family decided to pack a picnic lunch and head to Mt. My wife knew I was chomping at the bit to play radio in the field and actually made the suggestion.

There were only a dozen people at the park so we essentially had the place to ourselves. I worked a few stations in succession, but summer QRN levels were incredibly high and I believed static crashes were cloaking would-be contacts.

The KX2 did a much better job managing the noise and that same op was easily readable where with the G90 I could barely copy him. I worked about fifteen stations with the Elecraft KX2 on 40 meters.

Not only does this save my voice, but it also gives me an opportunity to eat my lunch while calling CQ! Someone eventually spotted me on 20 and I worked a few stations. The 20 meter band was very fickle and unstable yesterday. For example, I struggled to finish a contact with an operator in Massachusetts, yet got a solid 59 report from Spain with only 20 watts. No activation is complete without brewing a cup of coffee on the alcohol burner! I had a great time with the G90 in the field.

This week, the noise levels on the 40 meter band should be very high here in North America, so I plan to spend more time with the G90 settings and see if I can mitigate the QRN a little better. Your support makes articles like this one possible. Thank you! Could you share what type of battery did you use and how did you connect it to the Xiegu? The G90 ships with a power cord that is pre-terminated with Anderson Power connectors.

If you reference this photo: The power cord is plugged into a Powerpole distribution panel that it fused. There are a number of panels on the market. This is the one I usebut I also recommend this affordable one. You could easily get by with a 6 aH battery.

Thanks a lot for the swift response! What a rush. The SWLing Post. The FT TX Audio is also better and you can adjust the EQ in the menus, yes the menus are plenty but most are set and forget and the most frequent used can be preset to the buttons on the radio, pretty cool. Receive Current is about 0. I would well believe the Elecraft KX2 could pull a signal out of the noise a lot better than the G90, the Kx2 and Kx3 have one of the best receivers out there and I recently saw a youtube video where the Kx3 wiped the floor with a IC on a noisy band, I have the and it is a pretty noisy receiver, the FT has a quieter receiver.

Xiegu G90 HF Radio | SDR | QRP | Auto Antenna Tuner | 20W | Remote Head

Our friend and contributor, Robert Gulley, is also a huge fan of the FTQRZ Forums. Tags: oh8stn xiegu xiegu g Thanks for the review. K8XGFeb 22, Hello operators. Just to clarify starting the series with current consumption. For the field radio operator or the operator off grid, the radios current consumption couldn't be any more important. The rigs current draw defines whether we use a 2. It defines weather will need it 30 watt solar panel, or a watt solar panel.

Of course I'm just throwing these examples out there, to add context. Anyway I didn't want to share another "personal opinion" video. So the series will focus on what to expect from this radio, and how to work with this radio. Yes, but the Current Draws and output power was just what I wanted to know. Look forward to more detailed reviews down the road. On the IC I cannot get the Twin Pass-band filters and the width setting to get down that narrow at on the water fall.

Instead if I have a MFSK signal running at on the waterfall, I have to tune down hz to bring the signal into the range the band pass filters were designed to work at.

xiegu g90 battery

OH8STN likes this. In case anyone is looking to remote control this rig, I have created a G90 "radio file" for the Android PocketRxTx app. It's in the central repository and can be directly downloaded into the app. Note, however, I don't have the G90 myself, so the commands available are based on information about which CiV CAT commands are supported that I have managed to find online. Here's a thought VK2JIFeb 24, IZ3QVB likes this.

Haha I have a G90 Radio last year.The G90 is the first model of the new Xiegu G-series. It's a portable 20W HF mtr. The G90 uses bit digital architecture. It also includes an internal automatic antenna tuner. The G90 has excellent transmit and receive performance. It packs huge performance into a small portable package. The G90 has a removable display head that can be separated from the main body and connected via a DB-9 cable provided with the radio.

Both the radio's control head firmware and main body operating firmware can be user-updated using separate connectors on the head and body. The programming cable is provided. The status of all functions are shown on the LCD display. Also on the control head is a Firmware update port.

If the voltage is Recommended Accessories not included in the package 1. What did our customers say? I use it out in the desert with an off-center fed dipole antenna and so far the longest contact was miles on 20 meter SSB. We warrant that the Products are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and use in accordance with the respective Product user manual, during the Warranty Period. Please refer to the Instructions inside each package for a description of proper use and care of the unit.

Bioenno Batteries for QRP Radios.

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A review of the Xiegu G90 general coverage transceiver

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How do I know if it is safe to shop with you? We also respect your privacy and we're committed to protecting it. Please email our customer service for more details.How does the Icom compare with the Xiegu G90, besides lack of a built-in antenna tuner, and having lower transmit power, and a better screen? Keep in mind that at time of posting July 21, no one has really reviewed and compared the performance of a production run IC with any other radio as of yet.

What makes the IC unique in the portable radio market is the number of features it will sport. At the end of the day, though, the Xiegu G90 is an excellent little budget transceiver.

xiegu g90 battery

The Icom IC will have a retail cost well over two times that of the G90 but will sport features that no other QRP transceiver has up to this point. In fact, the list of features above is only a sampling. If none of the unique features of the IC appeal or apply to you and your operating style, save a little money and grab the G Or consider spending a bit more for an Elecraft KX2.

Your support makes articles like this one possible. Thank you! Great rig all-around.

Xiegu G90 First Look & Current Draw

A friend of mine has the Xiegu and loves it. The fact that you can buy such a capable rig for the price is pretty appealing. To me, the IC looks like a very portable version of the IC Indeed, in many respects, it has even more features.

It has the needed stability and frequencies. I purchased a KXPA used a couple years ago and absolutely love the thing. I even use it in the field now. There are always pros and cons of every radio, but I can tell already that the IC will be a big seller. We early adopters pay a premium. Elecrafts prices remain pretty darn steady other than a few seasonal sales. The panadapter is coming for the G90 also which should make it even more attractive, I think it is touch enabled too.

There are videos on youtube. There is a video on YouTube showing this. Tried pairing them with my IC-r30 and they immediately connected in around one second.

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